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Hunters Jamaica

Everyone is on the hunt for that dream job and its painstaking at times trying to locate one. From your neighborhood supermarket to your commercial enterprises, Job Hunters Jamaica provides it all for you. We can only achieve if we challenge ourselves to not only be great but do great things. We are vested in providing quality job listings to our fellow Jamaicans.

In August of 2016 Job Hunters Jamaica was launched by it's founder and CEO Mr. Darrien Neita.

With over 1700 active viewers on social media, Job Hunters Jamaica continues grow and pushes to be the #1 online medium for companies who are recruiting Jamaicans and Jamaicans who are seeking to be employed.

Social Media

Facebook has been our initial landing ground before the establishment of our website, nevertheless it continues to be our preferred medium for the Job Hunters Jamaica community and along with our Instagram page.


The aim of Job Hunters Jamaica is to ensure that all local listings are centralized and easily accessible by your every day Jamaican, whether they are on the go or just sitting at home. Regardless of your geographical location or qualification, once an opportunity is made known Job Hunters Jamaica will advocate for hire.